LinkedIn myths busted: top 10 warning flags for those starting out

 LinkedIn myths busted: top 10 warning flags for those starting out

There is a lot of advice being circulated around LinkedIn on the internet that is simply not true, and this can negatively impact those people who are starting out on the platform. Here are the top 10 myths that I believe need to be busted:

1. Don't fill out
your entire profile 

If you aren't taking LinkedIn seriously enough to fill in your profile, LinkedIn won't take your content seriously either. A minimum of complete enough sections to get your profile to an “All Star” ranking.  

2. Set a personal
profile with a company name 

This is from the Terms and
Conditions. If you are reported or the AI finds you, LinkedIn will warn
you to close or merge your account or just shut it down for you.  

3. Upload your logo
as your profile image  

You are 14 times more likely to gain
new connections having a profile image. Using logos, quotes, landscapes,
celebrities, and animals as a profile image is against the
User Agreement.  

4. LinkedIn is Only
for job seekers 

This is very outdated thinking. Whilst LinkedIn profiles are designed with job seekers in mind, 94 per cent of B2B Marketers are using LinkedIn as their primary source of leads.

5. Don't bother with LinkedIn as nobody will find you anyway

With over 722 million members on LinkedIn, if you haven't optimised your profile, and never log in to engage and post content then yes, nobody will discover you.

6. The search bar is to look up people by their name 

LinkedIn is like a global Rolodex to help you find the exact person in the position and company you want to be in contact with. As a free member, searching for people by name, location, job title, company, industry, plus a handful more filters. 

7. Interact with as many people as possible

Connect with as numerous of the RIGHT
people as possible. Connecting with anyone and most people are not the answer
to ROI on LinkedIn.  

8. Interact with only people you know offline

This is LinkedIn's official guideline. It's somewhat limiting but it's a personal choice. One idea is to set your own criteria, e.g. connect with Australians, but evaluate connections of all the other country on a target market basis.  

9. LinkedIn requires too much time every day to see ROI

The best way to use LinkedIn would be to
engage periodically throughout the day within the same way you use your email or
look at your phone messages. Checking daily for an hour, and then not
utilizing it for another 24 hours is not the best approach to use LinkedIn
as a business tool.  

10. Facebook is for
personal content, LinkedIn is for professional 

While that does describe the general flavour of these platforms sharing your interests, insights and letting people to you a little help with building rapport and credibility.  

When you're starting out on LinkedIn, it's easy to
be overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes your way. So long
as you avoid these warning flags, you will be on the right track.

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