How small businesses can create a highly effective marketing campaign

 How small businesses can create a highly effective marketing campaign

probably heard of growth hacking. But what is it?

when Airbnb went from zero to hero in like one year? Or how about when Uber
exploded right into a billion-dollar company seemingly overnight? That’s growth

It involves
using innovating, creative, and disruptive ways of boost the growth of a
business and concentrates on the following three principles:

  • Innovation (how do i grow on a shoestring budget?)
  • Experimentation (how can I create a campaign that’s interesting enough to catch someone’s eye in a crowded market?)
  • Analytics (how can I make this campaign better, leaner, and more creative?)

Let’s look
at four marketing growth hacks that will stuff your pipeline in 2021.

1. Get 10x reach with videos

Videos are
marketing gold. They engage, convince, and convert customers faster than any
other medium. Need more convincing? Check out these statistics:

  • Adding a video to your landing page can boost conversions by 80 per cent.
  • 65 per cent of execs have visited a website after watching a video (that’s B2B gold!)
  • 64 per cent of users will make an order after watching social media videos.
  • Websites with video are gone 50x more likely to reach the front page of Google.

Adding videos to your social platforms, website, and landing pages is the single most effective way to enhance conversions in 2021. Seriously.

Want to hear a success story on this? Let's discuss the Dollar Shave Club

Yes! Videos
could possibly get 10x reach. But, sometimes they get 1,000x reach. That’s what happened
to Dollar Shave Club. Their video “Our Blades Are F***ing Great!” has
26 million thoughts about YouTube. That’s pop video level views.

Shave Club went from nothing to being acquired by Unilever for $1 billion from
just one video.

2. Retarget your audience

One of the
core tenants of growth hacking is finding ways to grow on a budget. There’s
anything budget-friendly than tapping into your existing pool of prospects.
Especially when you consider the following stats:

  • Website visitors who're retargeted with ads are 70 per cent more likely to convert.
  • 25 per cent of individuals literally enjoy seeing retargeted ads.
  • Retargeting lifts branded searches by +1000 per cent!
  • 91 per cent of marketers think retargeted ads work.

3. Flip your funnel

people for your funnel is easy. Converting them is tough. Why is that?

traditional funnel pretty much sums it up. After all, the funnel starts wide
and gets small, right? Well, let's say you flipped it inverted?

Instead of grabbing as many people as possible and slowly vetting them, try granularly targeting users first. This is a seriously good way to cut costs. If you're able to target the most valuable users, the different options are less time and money on ads. This tactic is known as Account-based Marketing.

4. Leverage automation

I can’t put
the significance of automation into words. It transcends time-and-space.
Automation may be the single most powerful business driver.

automation produces a 14.5 per cent rise in conversions on average. Need
to enhance sales? Slap a chatbot on Messenger watching the money roll in.

Tired of repeating exactly the same workflows day in and day trip? Automate them and release employee time for more critical tasks. In other words, automate everything you can. It saves you money, time, and helps you grow fast.

Don’t fear
the robot army, John Conner!

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