How to be part of the Australian natural and organic products boom

 How to be part of the Australian natural and organic products boom

With all the issues and uncertainty happening all over the world, demand for Australian natural and organic products has surged during COVID to the point where producers and manufactures are urgently ramping up capacity.

Over the final six months, many Australian natural and organic brands have experienced an unprecedented rise in demand for their products across the country.

In fact, many online platforms including BuyNatural have grown month on month throughout this year. Product categories that are doing particularly well include eco cleaning, with brands for example Koala Eco and Tri Nature, health and wellness, beauty, premium foods, and healthy snacks. This is often attributed to Australia's response to COVID-19 and desire to use fewer synthetic chemicals.

As an effect, there is a huge opportunity for more Australian businesses to capitalise around the trend. There are three reasons for that increase in demand and businesses need to ensure they focus on these areas to become relevant and drive growth.

Australian consumers are becoming more health-conscious during COVID

With COVID impacting us, people are looking for ways to improve their health and wellbeing while cooped up at home.

Australians are actively looking for products that come from ethical sources, are free of nasty additives and do not contain harmful ingredients.

Digestive and gut health has got the largest increase. Many well-supported digestive-health brands and natural fibre products such as Qenda and Gut Performance have recorded sales growth of 20 per cent or more in the past eight months on BuyNatural.

Australian goods are also known world-wide to be of high quality. We are lucky to enjoy clean air, water that is clean and clean soil and our manufacturing sector is highly regulated. I think Australians are actually starting to understand how much better our goods are than those that come from overseas.

Why use or consume imported organic and natural products, when we produce and sell the best of the best right here around australia.

Australians are supporting Australian businesses

The impact of COVID on economies including ours is really pushing people to buy local. Australians have become extremely patriotic in their spending. They're actively searching out products and brands that are made in Australia using locally sourced ingredients.

People realize that if they buy Australian goods, they are supporting local jobs and the local economy. Why send our money overseas when we need it here.

Buy products that meet Australian standards

Australians tend to have very high expectations of quality with regards to food, skincare, health and wellness products. For a growing segment of Australian consumers, quality now ranks more important than price for certain categories. As a result, Australian shoppers are more likely to find top-notch quality by buying Australian-made products than buying foreign products. After all, something that is made by an Australian clients are going to strive to meet our country’s high standards.

Products that are manufactured locally the following in Australia are able to offer fast and reliable delivery. Often, products coming in from overseas may become damaged or worn during shipping. This is another key reason Australian products can conserve a quality offering.

While COVID has had a negative impact on many parts of our way of life, it has also delivered positive outcomes in unexpected areas. Simple items like working from home has become a mainstream practice, and purchasing local is now part of our shopping ethos.

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