Aussies' commitment to SME retailers potentially worth over $1 billion at Christmas

 Aussies' commitment to SME retailers potentially worth over $1 billion at Christmas

Australians could deliver an estimated $1.12 billion to the small-business sector for this Christmas season by purchasing just one more gift from their local business, according to Intuit Quickbooks.

The accounting software company have issued a rallying call to consumers within the wake of a study they conducted – the Season of Small Research – which reveals that Aussies say they be prepared to cut back on their Christmas shopping this season, by buying one less gift, in light of the current economic hardships through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There has been a significant amount of financial turmoil for smaller businesses this year,” Intuit Australia’s Head of Customer Experience, Gabrielle Dracopoulos, said. “The great news is that just by buying one extra gift from a small company this Christmas, you could make an enormous difference to the people that give so much to the community, be it a neighbour, a friend or a family member. Small businesses actually are the lifeblood of the community and without our support we could be looking at a very different small business landscape in the new year.”

According to the research, 51 per cent of those who shop with small businesses say they are doing so because they are able to give to the community, 43 per cent say they find more niche products, and 40 per cent see it as a more intimate experience.

In addition,28 percent of Aussies say supporting small company is like “eating a family home-cooked meal,” while a quarter (24 per cent) say it provides them the same feeling as “wrapping their hands around the perfect hot drink.” Aussies preferring to shop with larger businesses say they do so because there are “more products to select from” (62 per cent) and they improve deals and discounts (60 per cent).

Small-business owner Annemarie Dove from Byron Bay Candles is among the struggling small-business owners who backed Intuit Australia's demand Aussies to bring their Christmas shopping lists to their favourite local business.

“We're always dependent on the Christmas season to enhance our cashflow but this year the situation is more critical than ever,” Dove said. “If more Australians could buy just one more gift each with a small company this Christmas it could make a big difference for those of us who need a little extra boost.”

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