Top 3 Salesforce sales cloud apps on AppExchange: a quick overview

 Top 3 Salesforce sales cloud apps on AppExchange: a quick overview

Salesforce is a very powerful and revered customer relationship management (CRM) platform but it in itself with its standard functionality cannot fulfil all the needs of customers. You can keep up with the requirements of customers with the best three salesforce sales cloud apps we have picked. 

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is actually a cloud-based software that help various businesses organize their marketing and purchasers operations. It is a popular option for customer relationship management. It is based in California, US. It's 68 branches in 28 countries around the globe.  

It was initially founded in 1990 as Software as a Service (SaaS). The purpose of doing so was to increase the sales from the app without the requirement of constant upgrades, maintenance and setup fees. Businesses were able to save millions of dollars that comes with managing hardware infrastructure and software installation. 

The implementation of Salesforce is quite easy. When it shifted to cloud computing, the costs associated with it were reduced further. This increased the popularity of this software even more. 

There are custom software development companies such as Fortyseven Software Professionals that provide Salesforce-based cloud CRM solutions. The Fortyseven team will show you solutions that will be suitable to your system and totally transparent. You will discover more about the CMO Fortyseven IT group and also the author of this post, Hanna Schnaider, here, who is an expert in the field. 

Top 3 Salesforce sales cloud apps on AppExchange

There are in least 3,000 apps on AppExchange. They help you with various business endeavours. There even apps that are offered by third-party vendors. But what are the top 3 apps on AppExchange? That will help you keep up with the sales cloud app trends, we have picked the top 3 apps based on customer response. 


It wouldn’t be fair to create a list of top 3 AppExchange apps and never include DocuSign in it. This app was launched by DocuSign, inc. in 2010. It provides its users the service of eSignature. It's very useful since it allows signing and sending agreements to customers via several portals and devices without requiring any scanning or photocopying or printing. 

It saves the sales representative’s time by streamlining the entire document signing process. At the time of writing more than 500,000 companies take advantage of DocuSign. This makes this app a leader among Salesforce apps. This app costs you $12 a month, which you have to pay annually. There is also a 30-day free-trial version available for non-profit organizations. 

Conga Composer

Conga Composer was founded in 2006. This app changes how a customer modifies, customizes and improves the document creation experience with different requirements. It enables you to make templates and consistent documents in one click in whatever format you would like. 

It eliminates the need for manual tasks hence not waste time and reducing chances of human error. You may make thousands of documents with in a day without having to engage extra staff along the way. It also makes log activities updates and follow-up tasks. You can even merge data from various sources. 

Salesforce Maps

This app was first founded in 2011. It collects information about accounts and other related data after which visualizes it on a map. This enables the sales representatives to create routes and schedules for roadshows and filed sales that let them see more accounts in little time. In order to drive the overall sales productivity this app provides the possibility and prioritizes accounts based on their value. You can buy this app if you are paying $75 per month. You have to pay the amount annually. NGOs can usually benefit from the discount given simply to them. 

Benefits of using Salesforce sale cloud apps on AppExchange

A reason Salesforce is the leader in CRM may be the AppExchange. It is a commercial application store that offers its users more than 3,000 apps. These apps offer Salesforce users new solutions and integrations every day. The following are some of the benefits of these apps for Salesforce users.

Event running

When you want to plan activities, it requires a lot of time, resources and coordination. If you wish to do it with spreadsheets, multiple software packages and other systems then it is likely likely to be a headache. Some apps on AppExchange can help you plan events while integrating Salesforce data at the same time. 

Fast integration

If you run your business using multiple systems, various on-premises and cloud-based software programs then integration is necessary. Some AppExchange apps can help make it easy for and change the way your company works. They will save you the time and effort that you use to create integrations. 

Create quotes

Most of the sales representatives would rather go out and meet with potential customers than visit office to do paperwork. AppExchange apps such as Conga Composer does most of the manual work for you and frees up your time. You can create a standardized template once and use that again and again. 


In business it is always important that the right leads land in the hands of the right representative at the proper time. Some AppExchange apps automatically assign leads according to various conditions. They even handle things such as vacation or service time. 

Enable personalized customer experience

Apps on the AppExchange can help your employees in many method to provide better customer service experience. Some apps support omni-channel customer service, which allows the use of SMS, call centre and real-time chat. 


Salesforce is a global CRM leader with regards to offering cheap cloud based solutions and other CRM products. It fulfils the requirements of small, medium and even large businesses. But when you to boost the standard functionality from the Salesforce platform then you should utilize it with the apps available on AppExchange. We have presented the top 3 Salesforce cloud based apps that are offered on AppExchange. But first find their new edition that is compatible with Salesforce. Also, see if it’s functional and customizable enough for your system. If that’s the case then you can opt for other custom apps.

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