2021 Business Predictions: Paul Jones from Ketchup Marketing

 2021 Business Predictions: Paul Jones from Ketchup Marketing

It’s that time of year, when Business Link Magazine invites the region’s business leaders to offer up their predictions for the year ahead. 

It has become something of a tradition, given that we’ve been doing this now for over 30 years.

Here we talk to Paul Jones, the Sales Management Consultancy lead from Ketchup Marketing.

I think that we all know by now, following the emergence of Covid-19 over 12 months ago, that as mere human beings the universe does nothing but laugh at our plans.

With that in mind, speed, agility and focus seem key. We have to be able to react to uncertain timelines with variable decisions and outcomes being made overall, most often these are way beyond our sphere of control. To stay in a position to do this, it’s critical that processes are in place, and there’s focus and vision.

What is becoming evident to me from a business and sales perspective is the following:

● Every person, family, business and sector has been hit and affected very differently by Covid and also the lockdown period. Together, we have encountered a really broad range of experiences both at home and in the world of work and commerce, so we must listen to people and businesses with greater focus and intensity to know their situation and their needs. It is important we try our very best to throw all the assumptions we might normally write out of the window.

● Virtual meetings replacing the more traditional face to face meetings are not going anywhere soon, so get brilliant at them! This has the ability to open up markets further afield than you ever planned or imagined.

● In certain sectors survival is key. Try everything required to outlast the lockdowns and also the competition; when these sectors open again there will be fewer players combined with pent up demand which can make for rich hunting grounds for you to grab new clients and customers.

● If you're not growing in these uncertain times then, whether long or not, you are in survival mode. Accept it and do something accordingly.

● People are still buying and people are still selling!

● There are growth sectors – harness them in almost any which way you can.

● As alluded to earlier, these peculiar times require focus. If you are focusing everywhere, then you really aren’t focusing whatsoever!

My prediction for 2021 is that the year will continue to deliver constant change mixed with uncertainty. With this in mind, my advice is to be alert, poised and ready to respond to any opportunities that are unearthed or present themselves!

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