11 Telegram Channels For The Best Money-Saving Hacks, Deals And Promotions In Singapore

 11 Telegram Channels For The Best Money-Saving Hacks, Deals And Promotions In Singapore

Telegram is an open-source, privacy-focused instant messaging platform that is growing in popularity, especially among millennials.

Like any instant message service, it allows people to message individuals or in larger groups, but unlike its popular counterpart WhatsApp, you'll find and add contacts based on their username, without their telephone number. Telegram also has apps for both desktop and mobile use.

There are also different kinds of communities on Telegram, run by individuals or brands. There are group chats that permit two-way communication, and may have a large number of members.

There are also broadcast groups where communication is one-way only – by using these channels, you obtain posts in the broadcaster however, you can't reply in the channel directly. The majority of the Telegram channels shared below come under the second. These broadcast channels combine the benefit of receiving information instantly on your phone, with quality content by brands and individuals you trust.

To keep on using Telegram to save cash, here are 11 Telegram channels which have the best money-savings hacks, deals and promotions in Singapore.

#1 SG Kiasu Foodies

The Telegram channel on this list that has probably the most number of followers, this Telegram Channel shares the latest food deals, discounts, promotions and much more. While there are plenty of food apps for Singaporeans to make use of today, very often we miss out on ongoing in-app promotions. This Telegram channel shares the latest promotions from junk food restaurants, to salad places, bubble tea shops, cafes and much more.

#2 SG Food Deals

Another Telegram channel that concentrates on promotions and deals related to food. As the first two Telegram channels about this list have many similarities, not all promotions on SG Kiasu Foodies are on SG Food Deals and the other way around. Being a savvy Singaporean foodie, there is no harm finding yourself in both to make sure you don't miss out on any food deals available.

#3 SG Travel Promos

Caution: do not join this channel if you don't desire to be tempted by flight promotions and sales. With the latest promos from airlines such as Scoot, Jetstar, AirAsia, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, All Nippon Airways (ANA) and much more, this channel will undoubtedly tempt you into booking your next holiday trip!

#4 SG Budget Babes

From cosmetic promotions to blogshop sales and warehouse sales, this is actually the channel for shopaholics. This Telegram channel keeps you updated on all the latest sales in town, from fashion to cosmetics and more.

#5 SG Cab Promos

This Telegram channel shares the most recent coupons and promotions on ride-hailing apps in Singapore, including Grab, ComfortDelGro, Gojek, Tada and Ryde. Ideal for users that are always on the lookout for coupons before you take cab rides.

#6 GoodLobang

Heavily centered on food-related promotions, this Telegram channel shares the latest deals available, ranging from 1-for-1 deals to free giveaways and more.


This Telegram channel is among the less active ones on this list. However, when they share an article, it comes with dozens of useful coupons across different categories and providers, with various codes and promotion mechanics.

#8 SG Student Promos

As students, you enjoy perks such as student movie tickets, cheaper public transport, student meals, student discounts and much more. This Telegram channel shares the latest student promotions, ranging from student meals to sales and promotions highly relevant to those still in class.

#9 SG Daily Deals & Lifestyle Hacks

ShopBack's own channel that provides regular updates on the latest Cashback deals and promotions on ShopBack. With countless merchants and partners websites, you can be certain there’s always a good deal nearby.

#10 ChopeDeals

ChopeDeals has their very own Telegram channel where they tell users the latest promotions, exclusive discounts, promo codes and food recommendations. Switch on notifications and have these promotional codes and flash sales pop up as soon as they are posted.

#11 Milelion Roars

Milelion Roars is a Telegram channel where Aaron the Milelion posts articles and updates on the latest and greatest miles hacks and deals. Using the support from the avid Milelion fan base, anyone looking to level up their air miles game just can't afford to lose out on this Telegram channel.

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