Delivering enhanced support for API banking, cloud enablement and microservices architecture

Volante Technologies Inc., a worldwide provider of software for accelerated financial message integration and end-to-end payments processing, today announced the release of Volante Designer version 6.0. This major release allows banks and financial institutions to address the increasing industry interest in API, cloud and microservices enablement.

Organizations looking to make use of the opportunities arising from the API economy will benefit from Designer 6.0's Services Manager feature, which allows users to design comprehensive API-driven solutions, or seamlessly integrate to their hybrid environments using standardized interfaces. Services Manager also provides extensive support for microservices architectures, specifically leveraging RESTful APIs, today's gold standard for open banking.

Designer 6.0 incorporates a number of important enhancements to enable and accelerate cloud deployments. When coupled with Designer's existing OSGi code generation capability (hot deployment in an always-on production environment), users can easily build highly scalable cloud-based multi-tenant applications with native high-availability, an important requirement for 24×7 processing.

Compliant using the latest industry and regulatory standards for software accessibility that govern aspects such as keyboard access and display customization, Designer 6.0 can be easily used by individuals with a variety of accessibility needs. The discharge also includes new plugins, transformations, and extra support for platforms including OpenJDK, newer versions of Java as well as middleware such as Mulesoft. In doing so, this latest version continues to address the challenges posed by ever evolving messaging standards.

According to recent research from Aite Group, several trends are shaping the marketplace and the ways in which leading technology providers must serve their customers. Trends include a focus on customer experience over functionality, improved data delivery, more frequent product releases, fully API-enabled architectures, and intends to create financial technology ecosystems.

Christine Barry, Aite Director of Research, commented, “As banks and banking institutions compete more intensely with third-party providers and new market entrants, it's more important than ever for them to differentiate by focusing on customer-centric value-added services. That means having technology which will allow them to easily tap into today's growing digital ecosystems and expand their service portfolio.”

Venkat Malla, VP, Product Management, Volante Technologies, commented, “This major version release helps our customers manage the rapid pace of technological change and take advantage of the biggest trends in financial services, like the API economy and cloud computing. Version 6.0 stays true to Volante Designer's fundamental tenets: enabling rapid financial message integration and processing, founded on solid open-architecture API-native bedrock.”

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