Why there is value in offshore developers for smaller businesses

 Why there is value in offshore developers for smaller businesses

All too often, small-business owners are caught between wanting an electronic product and struggling to find somebody that can do the job well and inside their budget. In recent times, digital marketing has taken off. It's certainly an important space to be in, but for small businesses, it can seem unattainable.

To commission an experienced Australia-based web development agency, business owners could be looking at up to $290 an hour. For projects that take months to complete, this quickly adds up, and for many, the investment is just too large. So, what is the solution?

offshore perception and why it's incorrect

With budget like a barrier, offshore development is often recommended as a solution. However, interestingly, “offshore development” has a bit of a negative stigma around australia. It's typically dismissed like a cheap way to outsource and the perception of the work produced is the fact that it's lacklustre in quality. There are certainly times where this has been the case, this has been our knowledge about certain brands too, but we have to be asking why. To become fair, crappy developers can be found anywhere. To write this off as an “offshore thing” is simply ignorant.

In fact, offshore developers represent a huge opportunity for small-business owners. It allows them to commission a valuable skill set at a much more affordable rate than what's available locally, providing opportunity business people otherwise would not have had. To mitigate the chance of having an unsatisfactory experience with an offshore webmaster, be sure to check their portfolio, reviews, previous clients, amounts of experience and if they've got any type of local presence or contact.

Offshore developers really are a small business's secret weapon

To be clear, offshore development should not
be seen as a way of saving money. Instead, it should be understood as a way of
getting more for the amount spent. If you have a budget of $10K, you'll still
spend it regardless of where you go, it's just a matter of what you get for that spend. Should you prefer a fully
functional digital product produced for that spend, then offshoring is
certainly a viable option to consider.

Commissioning an offshore developer not just
allows SMEs access to a specific skill set at an affordable rate, it is also the
gateway to a bigger pool of talent that previously seemed out of reach. If
you're unable to look for a local developer who has the abilities you need at a rate
you can afford, then looking overseas widens the talent pool without having to
stretch the budget. The outcome is straightforward; this provides a middle ground where
talented staff are producing quality work that is delivered on your timeline of
choice, inside a tight budget.

This option is perfect for SMEs who are
digitising their business, have to set up an e-commerce store, wish to build an
app or simply develop a landing page. It's a fantastic way to ensure value for
money while experienceing this business' digital and marketing objectives.

It's not a secret that small-business owners are time poor and pulled in a million different directions. Often, there's a sea of tasks around the “to-do” list but they're either one-off and short-term projects, or it really isn’t something that warrants a whole salary. In instances such as these, relying on an offshore team can be a logical and rewarding approach. Take time to find the right offshore developer since there is an array of value to be found in the services they can offer to small businesses.

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