Aussies' connection to local businesses stronger than ever before

 Aussies' connection to local businesses stronger than ever before

New research reveals that 71 per cent of Australians feel that their connection with their local business is stronger now than it was before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which an overwhelming 97 per cent of us plan to continue shopping locally within the coming year.

The study, conducted by Fiverr and made to establish the strength of the “support local” sentiment in Australia, also uncovered the fact that 61 percent of those surveyed now say they are fully aware local business owners and staff better as a result. This connection is so strong that 59 per cent say that they'd refuse to visit a larger business who provide the same product or service.

“Australian small businesses have been some of the hardest hit throughout the pandemic, with many set to have the lasting effects for months and years to come,” Peggy de Lange, VP of International Expansion at Fiverr, said.

“Despite this, they have played a pivotal role in supporting Australians through lockdowns and immense challenges by continuing to provide high-quality products and services they're so well known and loved for.”

The release of the survey coincided with the launch of Fiverr’s new campaign “Bill's Billboard” that celebrates the resilience in excess of two million Australian small businesses, in addition to providing support by rewarding five lucky business people a share in $250,000 worth of outdoor billboard advertising space with the help of a professional designed billboard creative.

“At Fiverr, we're committed to giving back to the small businesses that have been central to supporting Australians through the pandemic and helping them enjoy their road to recovery,” de Lange said.

The winning smaller businesses will be announced throughout the day on Friday 26 February with one of Australia's leading creative consultants and Fiverr freelancer designing the creative live on top of a billboard in Southbank in real-time. The billboards from the chosen small businesses will be featured in much talked about locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

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