Projects to keep yourself busy after a redundancy

 Projects to keep yourself busy after a redundancy

Redundancy is an unfortunate and often unforeseen circumstance. In such uncertain times, it can be simple to fall into a lull while you wait for a world to get back to normal.

But instead of wallowing in front of daytime TV (if you aren't happy to do so), there are hundreds of things you could be doing to occupy your mind and perhaps even cultivate a career!

Coping with redundancy doesn’t have to be a chore, it could even be the kick up the backside you’ve always needed.

The advantages of starting something new

Obviously, you’ll wish to devote at least a couple of hours of your day towards looking for work but what to do with the rest of that time? Consider something to maintain your mind busy and set up a normal routine. A healthy daily routine is much more conducive to better mental health and wellness, both of which are crucial in such a stressful time.

Potential projects

Volunteering – Volunteering is a superb way to gain new experience, keep the mind active and make a move good for the world at large. It can also give you a fresh perspective and perhaps introducing you to some new opportunities/ideas.

Learn to trade or invest – Should you aren’t immediately in financial difficulty, learning to trade or invest can be a good way to engage your brain and potentially create a new source of income. Thanks to the Gamestop controversy, attention on the stock and other financial markets has not been higher. Forex is also a great place to start and is a very interesting platform to wrap your face around.

Training or qualifications – Look on the bright side, you will have more time than in the past if you have been made redundant. So, this may be the perfect time to invest in yourself through new or advanced training and qualifications. There’s no better time to improve yourself than when you’ve been let go. Because you have the time and also the drive to gain new skills, you can help yourself bounce back on to the career ladder perhaps a few steps higher than before.

Do what you enjoy – Pour more time into your favourite hobby or leisure activity. You might never have this much free time again, which means this can be a good way to keep your spirits high and steer clear of wasting your time. If you’ve received a redundancy package, why not use it to benefit yourself. Go travelling, discover the world or buy something fun.

Stay active – Above all else, look after your physical health. The power of exercise can’t be understated, so make use of your free time to stay active. Also stay active with regards to spending time with family and friends because these people will offer crucial emotional support.

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