5 Points to consider When selecting An Online Video Streaming Subscription Service In Singapore

 5 Points to consider When selecting An Online Video Streaming Subscription Service In Singapore

Movies and dramas as entertainment and an artform have come quite a distance, because of wave after wave of technologies.

In the span of several decades, we went from needing to watch opera performances 'live' to being able to enjoy movies in cinemas as well as on our television at home. Because of video streaming services, we now also have use of a huge catalogue of movies and dramas on our smartphones, tablets and laptops 24/7.

Here are 5 key elements Singaporeans should consider before signing up to have an movie subscription service.

#1 Quality Of Content Library

The most important thing when choosing a relevant video subscription service is the quality and size from the content library. Time is a precious commodity, and whenever we find the time to look at a show, you want to make that point count.

When you are looking at content libraries, not many may come near to the pedigree of flicks and video series provided by HBO GO, reasonably limited video-on-demand service obtainable in Singapore and around the world.

You've probably heard the saying whispered by your friends as well as on social media: “Winter is coming.” Game of Thrones is a series exclusively available on HBO GO that has literally shaped today's culture and consciousness – and if you have not watched it yet, or wish to revisit King's Landing, you can binge watch all 8 seasons (lasting 63.5 hours) of Bet on Thrones on HBO GO.

Other top-rated, award-winning shows available on HBO GO include:

Series Seasons Episodes
The Wire 5 60
Deadwood 3 36
The Sopranos 6 86
West World 2 22
Band of Brothers and The Pacific 2 20
Silicon Valley 6 52
Veep 7 66
Chernobyl 1 5
Barry 2 16
The World Between Us 1 10
Sex and the City 6 94

Besides carrying a remarkable back catalogue, you'll also want a video streaming service which has the latest blockbusters, documentaries and series. Within this aspect, HBO GO does not disappoint.

Thanks to their own HBO Originals and tie-ups with leading studios, HBO GO subscribers will enjoy highly-acclaimed content like Aquaman, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Crazy Rich Asians, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Lego Movie 2, Wonder Park, Second Act and the Fast and Furious movies.

For those who prefer something a little more cerebral, HBO GO also features hard-hitting documentaries and current affairs programmes like Bad Blood (about the convicted founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes).

#2 Platforms Available

Most of us own multiple devices and we want to be able to enjoy content, by ourselves terms, within our own way – whether that's on our smart TV for fun on saturday with our family members, in front of our computer with snacks after a long day's work, or on our phones during our daily commute on public transport.

Before subscribing to any video subscription service, it is important to make sure that it supports the platforms you've and wish to watch content on.

For instance, HBO GO supports playback on:

– Smartphones (iOS and Android)

– Popular Web Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

– Tablets (iPads and Android tablets)

– Casting Platforms (Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast)

With your single HBO GO subscription, you can watch unlimited content on 5 different devices and a pair of streams concurrently, enabling you to truly enjoy your favourite shows in your terms.

#3 Cost Of Subscription

We all have different thresholds for what we'd consider being an appropriate spending on entertainment. But with dues that are less expensive than how much we would wind up spending on a pair of movie tickets, it is difficult to argue using the value proposition that movie on-demand services provide.

A monthly subscription to HBO GO costs $13.98 for a single user. For that price, you receive an entire month of ad-free enjoyment of HBO GO's entire content library. The best part? You can get your subscription directly in minutes, which means that you're not associated with a specific cable provider and you may cancel anytime if you would like.

Not having a contract makes it particularly handy for binge-watchers, who are able to choose to subscribe when the entire series they would like to watch debuts, only for the duration they need to finish watching.

For families with children, you can subscribe to HBO GO throughout the school holidays, or during festive seasons when you are hosting guests and wish to make sure there's never a dull moment at your house ..

Because in our capability to cancel whenever, video on-demand services like HBO GO are actually incentivised to repeatedly improve their content catalogue therefore we have a reason to stay subscribed, therefore we can get their already impressive library to carry on to grow.

#4 Family-Friendly Features

Households with children would naturally be interested in the catalogue of kid-friendly content and the capability to control what their kids watch. During these two areas, HBO GO delivers as well.

There is a dedicated section on HBO GO only for kids, with beloved titles like The Sesame Street, We Bare Bears, Powerpuff Girls, Peppa Pig, Ben 10, Dexter's Laboratory, and My Little Pony.

To protect the young from violence, vulgarities and adult themes, you can set the parental controls to only show movies that are of the certain age-appropriate rating, for example G, PG, PG13, NC16, M18 and R21. Which means that adults can still enjoy movies and shows as intended through the filmmakers, while children don't accidentally see something they shouldn't.

Households with older folks, would be pleased to know that HBO GO supports subtitles for most of their catalogue in various languages. For many selected programmes, multi-language audio is also available. Whatever you decide to screen for your forthcoming family hangout, you can be certain the whole family would be able to have a great time together.

#5 Accessibility to A totally free Trial

Those who have not tried an online video on-demand service might understandably be hesitant to subscribe. That's why it makes sense to take benefit of free trials, if available.

If the characteristics and content offerings of HBO GO has intrigued you, you might be very happy to discover HBO GO provides a free trial offer, which gives you immediate access for their entire library of award-winning content and to all the family-sharing and offline viewing features discussed in this article.

To get started on watching within the next few minutes, download the HBO GO app for your iOS or Android device and create an account with your e-mail address.

Subscribing is really as simple as buying something from the app store, and you don't even have to give HBO your credit card details. While you'll automatically be charged each month following the 7-day free trial offer ends, you may still choose to cancel at any time.

Go try HBO GO and let us know what you believe!

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